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About Us
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Coppin Collings is an independent, modern and socially responsible organisation that brought together a group of like-minded professionals, who aspire to bring a strong positive change and innovation into the hearts and minds of asset allocators and investors worldwide, and ultimately increase distribution of capital towards Impact Investment and ESG Strategies.

“Doing good and making money” combination is a winning formula that can create a sustainable long-term solution to eradicating poverty, unemployment, hunger, poor sanitation, homelessness and many other ills of the modern world, both across emerging and developed countries.

We have over 20 years experience in providing expert financial advice and asset management solutions for global institutions and HNWI clients.

Every FundĀ  that is either accepted onto the TAMP Fund Platform or launched in-house is screened to ensure that the strategy and investment process is in-line both wit the UN Principles for Responsible Investments and the Coppin Collings ESG policy.

We are strong advocates of innovation both within our organisation and in the products that we offer to the market. We believe that innovation combined with an ethical purpose, can create a sustainable solution to solve many global economic problems.

We offer a unique In-house Fund range for those who look to affect a positive economic change through the power of their savings and investments.

Financial Services for the New Era